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Tiger Woods Real Name

Tiger Woods real name start with the E for his father name Earl and end with K for his mother name Kurtida.

The real name of Tiger Woods is Eldrick Woods. His father, Earl Woods, gave him the nickname of Tiger in honor of the bravest man he had ever known...a Vietnamese officer with whom he served in Vietnam. The officer name was Nguyen Phong but everyone knew him as Tiger. 

Tiger Woods influence on golf

It's obvious that Tiger Woods influence on golf had changed the way the world thinks about golf. 

His success and involvement in golf with the creation of the Tiger Woods foundation opened the doors to more minorities in golf.

Eldrick Woods (TW) influence on golf has a big impact in brining golf to kids...they can finally recognize themselves in Tiger woods like they used to with Michael Jordan the famous basketball player. 

So, now even kids know Tiger Woods real name!

Without a doubt, Tiger Woods achieved his goals. Indeed, in all golf history, he held one of the most impressive amateur records. 

Woods won six USGA national championships and the NCAA title, before he turns professional on August 27, 1996.

Here is what Jack Nicklaus said about him: ''He came out into this golf world under a tremendous amount of expectation and pressure and performed. And has performed at the highest level every single time he's come out.

He's proved himself human, where he can make a double bogey, like everybody else can, and he'll recover from that. And I think he wants to win. And winning is his objective every time he turns out.''-Jack Nicklaus-, May 27, 1997.

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