La Jolla Golf Clubs: A Must Have
Snoopy Golf Cartoon Sets

The La Jolla Snoopy golf cartoon set is a good alternative for kids, it's not made of plastic, and it's a great and real children golf clubs for a 4 years old beginner.

Also, the graphite shaft seems to really fit a 4, 5, or 6 years old kid. So, your kid will enjoy his La Jolla Snoopy golf Set for a long time!

And, if you have a 4 years old son or daughter who think that he/she is already eighteen (like my daughter!)...please, don't get them a plastic golf clubs for children. My 4 years old girl thing she's a grown up, so she refused to play with a kids toy golf set.

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The good news is that the La Jolla golf clubs set, featuring the Snoopy golf cartoon, is considered as one of the top bought childrens golf clubs set by parents of young golfer. The La Jolla Snoopy golf set is suitable for 4-7 years old kids and includes three clubs set...driver, iron and a putter.

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