The San Diego Golf Academy (SDGA)

Wide ranges of golf jobs are available in today’s booming golf industry.

However, Golf business employers are looking for golf-educated individuals who understand the importance of management and operations of a golf course, and who are able to contribute to the growth and profitability of an entire golf course facility or Golf business.

This is why The San Diego Golf Academy (SDGA) prepares your son and daughter for the business of golf through a two-year golf college, that will help them grow their golf skills and prepares them for a rewarding and successful golf career.

The best part of completing a Golf education at the SDGA academy is their GolFutures program, where employment opportunities are continually made available exclusively to all SDGA alumni on an ongoing basis to secure their golf career.

The SDGA is, by far, one of the best golf schools for young adults, recent high school graduates and even adults, who want to gain new skills and take advantage of growing opportunities in the golf industry.

I recommend you to visit the SDGA Parent Resources Section (under the Admissions link) and download the Career Opportunities in Golf and the Student Handbook document to learn more about the great opportunities that the SDGA have for you.

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