How to Choose the Right Junior Golf School for Your Kid

I know it's not easy to choose a junior golf school, so...take your time and follow our advice.

First, you should understand that youth golf schools have their own teaching philosophy, ages restrictions and prices.

Some Kids Golf Schools offer a 3, 5 or 7 full day golf instructions and other Junior Golf School may offer longer options 3, 5 weeks and even 12 months.

Height Steps for finding the right Junior Golf School

1- Make a list of youth golf schools that seem interesting to you.

2- Request a free brochure for each Kids Golf Schools on your list.

3- Read the brochures, one by one, carefully around the kitchen table with your kid (read the instructors' profiles, watch each Kids Golf Schools' pictures etc.) and take notes.

4- Narrow down your selection of kids Golf Schools to a list of 3-4 schools, so you can look deeper into what each junior golf school has to offer.

5- Make a list of questions about amenities, accommodations, instructors, program etc. for each golf school that really interest you and your kid.

6- It's really important to take a short trip to visit the school, if it's not too far from your town, and talk to the Golf instructors.

7- Don't forget to call the admissions office and schedule a visit to each of the Kids Golf Schools that you have selected.

8- My most important advice to you, it's sound obvious but don't forget to bring your kid with you when you visit each junior golf school! Remember if your kid doesn't like the will waste your money paying for it!

Keep in mind that your kid will have a great chance to succeed in life when he/she has a defined goals...lets call it the Big Picture of his/her Future, Not the one you have for him or her but the one he/she visions for themselves.

So, be involved in your son/daughter future. By being encouraging and supportive you will help your kid defines a career plan: like starting with a summer golf kids camp, Kids Golf Schools then move to a Junior Golf College (with the help of a golf scholarship or a non-golf scholarship).

There is a lot of Junior Golf school around the US and Canada! if your young golfer is loving the Great game of Golf and he/she is talking seriously about being a Pro Golfer really should start thinking about choosing the best youth golf schools at his/her early age.

To name just a few of Kids Golf Schools across the United have the Arizona Golf Schools, California Golf Schools, Florida Golf Schools, and the International Junior Golf Academy located at South Carolina.

Also, some of the best youth golf schools in Canada are the Brent Morrison Golf Academy and the Junior Golf Academy, both in British Columbia.

Remember, what your young golfer will learn at youth childrens golf schools Courtesy - Respect - Discipline and Honesty, will stay in him/her forever. They will not just use them on the golf course, but in their everyday life!.

To learn more about how to help your kid set goals read our goal setting for kids.

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