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Overview of the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA)

The International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) is located at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Your kid can be enrolled in a golf training program from late August until the end of the following May.

The IJGA is in conjunction with its affiliates-Heritage Academy and the International Junior Golf Tour and also offers a Post Graduate program.

Gary Gilchrist is the Director at the International Junior Golf Academy; his students have won almost every major junior championship in the U.S., like the U.S. Women's Amateur, NCAA Championship, British Junior Open.

Some of the winning students are Michelle Wiev, Paula Creamer, David Gossett, Aree and Naree Song, Casey Wittenberg, Ty Tryon and Sean O'Hair.

According to the International Junior Golf Academy website, the IJGA is the only organization in the world that is only dedicated to providing academics (Grades 6-9, High School and College Placement), training and competition for junior golfer who range in age from 12 to 18.

IJGA students come from all over the United States and from more than 20 countries including Canada, England, Mexico, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Your kid will meet with other junior golfers from diversified cultures that will enrich his or her life.

I recommend you to visit the Downloads section of the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) website and download and read the International Junior Golf Academy Handbook - High School & Middle School and/or the International Junior Golf Academy Handbook - Post-Grad.

There you will learn about the IJGA Academy Philosophy, Golf Program, behaviour and housing standard, tournament competition and more.

The IJGA encourages parents to schedule a visit by calling their admissions office at 843-686-1500. Keep in mind that a visit at the IJGA usually takes half of one day because your junior golfer will have a golf evaluation with one of the IJGA instructors.

My recommendation to you is to prepare a list of questions about admissions, facilities, accommodations etc. to ask during your visit to the IJGA.

Enjoy your visit at the International Junior Golf Academy and please send us your feedback about the academy by using our Quick Feedback Form. We would love to share your experience with other parents of junior golfers.

Was this website helpful to you?...Please, don't forget to share it with your friends and send us your comments by using the Feedback form.

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