Glossary of Golf Terms for Kids
and Beginners

Why a Mini-Glossary of Golf Terms for Kids and Beginners?

Use our short golf glossary if you are a beginner golfer yourself or use it to help you understand your junior golfer when he/she uses some golfing terminology.

I know that understanding golfing terms - when your kid is just starting in golf - may be difficult...mainly when you do not play golf yourself.

Thus, keep in mind that this Mini-glossary will be updated from time to time to add more golfing terms to your, please click and use our Quick FeedBack Form if you need an explanation of a specific golf terms not covered in this Golf Mini-Glossary. Thanks.

Golf Terminology Simplified

Aiming: It's the act of aligning the clubface to the target that the golfer intend his/her ball to go to.

Address: When a golfer adjust his stance and position himself relative to the ball, and begins the pre-swing routine.

Alignment: The position of a golfer's body in relation to the target of the ball.

Ace (hole in one): Getting the ball into the hole with only one shot.

Albatross: A hole played three shots under par.

Balance: It is the right distribution of golfer's weight at address and throughout the swing.

Ball-marker: Any small object used to mark where a player's ball is on the green. Some golfers use coins as a ball-markers.

Back nine: Holes 10 through 18 on a golf course.

Baseball grip: A golf terms known as the "Ten-Finger Grip", a style of grip where all the ten fingers are placed on the club.

Birdie: A hole played one stroke under par.

Bogey: A hole played one stroke over par.

Bunker Fairway: Usually located in a recessed depression it is a hazard of sand or bare earth. Grass or wooden walls are not part of the hazard.

Closed Stance: Describe a posture of a golfer when his/her rear foot is pulling back away from the target line.

Caddie: A person paid to carry a player's clubs and offer advice.

Cart:1) Electrical vehicle used to transport players from hole to hole. 2) Hand-pulled cart to carry a bag of clubs (usually has a wheels).

Casual water: Snow and ice can be taken as casual water, as well as water that overflows the banks of existing water hazards.

Chip: It's a short shot which travel through the air over a very short distance and roll the rest of the way to the hole. This shot is usually played from extremely close to and around the green.

Clubface: The angled surface of the golf club head that is used to hit the ball. The center of the clubface is known as the "sweet spot".

To maximize distance and accuracy players should hit the ball with the center of the clubface.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse is the golfer source for information about local rules, the conditions of the course and other essential information for the avid golfers.

Generally, golfer can also purchase balls, clubs and other golfing equipment at the clubhouse.

Divot: It is a notch (chunk of grass) caused by clubhead hitting the ground several inches before the ball. It is also called a pitch mark. Players must repair their pitch marks, usually with a tee or a divot tool.

Double Bogey: A hole played two strokes over par.

Double Eagle (or Albatross): A hole played three strokes under par.

Eagle: A hole played in two strokes under par.

Explosion: A golf terms also known as "a blast"...explosion is a shot from a bunker that sends the ball, accompanying with sand, onto the green.

Fairway: The short grass on the hole between the tee and the green.

Fore: "Fore!" this golf terms is shouted as a warning when it appears possible that a ball may hit other players or spectators.

Front nine: Holes 1 through 9 on a golf course.

Green or putting green: The area of specially prepared grass around the hole, where putts are played.

Grounding the club: To place, at address, the clubface behind the ball on the ground. Grounding the club is forbidden in bunkers or when playing from any marked hazard.

Ground Under Repair (GUR): An area of the golf course that is being repaired.

Hazard: Physical part of the course such as water traps or sand, bunkers and hills where it is very hard to play the ball.

Interlocking grip: Grip style where the pinkie finger of the right hand is hooked around the index finger of the left. It is usually used by right-handed players.

Lie: The ground that the ball is resting on. The golf terms "Good lies" include the fairway and the green, while bunkers, pine straw, and the rough are examples of "bad lies".

Line: The expected path of the ball to get into the hole. Golfer must never "Step in a player's line" on the green.

Links: A course on the ocean, usually devoid of trees and therefore windy. courses beside the sea (they were the link between the beach and the farmland). Many courses in the United Kingdom are links.

Medal play: This golf terms is also known as "stroke play"...a style of scoring in which the player with the fewest strokes wins. The stroke play is played in most professional tournaments.

Mulligan: Is a retaken shot after a bad shot, (usually off the tee). It is not allowed by the rules and not practiced in tournaments, but sometimes used when friends are just playing socially in casual rounds, especially in the United States.

Open Stance: When a player sets up with their front foot to the inside of the target line.

Out-of-bounds: It is the area designated as being outside the boundaries of the course. When a shot lands "O.B." the player must hit another shot from the original spot. A one-stroke penalty is assessed in this situation.

Par: A golf terms abbreviation for "professional average result". Par is the number of shots (Stroke) the experts think it should take a golfer to get the ball in the hole.

PGA: Any Professional Golfers' Association, like the Professional Golfers' Association of America.

Pitch: A short shot (typically from within 50 yards), usually made using a less than full swing, to flight the ball towards the hole.

Pro: A golf terms for...professional golfer or person who plays or teaches golf for financial reward.

Putt: A shot played usually with a putter on the green.

Putter: A golf club with a very low loft used to makes the ball roll.

Rough: Grass that borders the fairway, where they don't mow the grass. Usually the rough grass is taller than the fairway.

Stroke: Hitting the ball toward the hole.

Short game: Putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play are all part of the short game; these shots usually take place on or near the green.

Teeing ground: Specially prepared area, usually a grassed area, from which the first stroke for each hole is made.

Tee: A small piece of equipment - made of wood or plastic - placed in the teeing ground. The golf ball is placed upon the Tee prior to the first stroke on a hole.

I hope you enjoyed our Mini Glossary of Golf Terms!


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