Golf Rules - Etiquette?

The Golf Etiquette

Your junior golfer should understand that...at Golf Rules Etiquette.

What's Golf Etiquette? It's the representation of the most important guidelines of appropriate behaviors in which the game of golf should be played.

To give you the big picture, following are some of the golf etiquette's rules that your junior golfer should respect when playing on the course:

- Thinking about Safety First, both in practice and play, like making sure that no other players are near him or her when your junior's swing the club.

- Showing courtesy on the course like staying silent and still when another golfer is playing. Your young golfer must never scream or shout at his or friends!

- Taking care of the course by wearing golf or tennis shoes, walking on the green and not running.

  • The principal rule of the golf etiquette is that all players should show consideration and respect to other players and opponents on the course at all
  • times. 

  • So, the answer to...Why at Golf rules Etiquette? well...see for yourself (I mean read!) all the values that your junior golfer will get from following Golf Etiquette: Personal Integrity, honesty, respect for others, Sportsmanship, responsibility, self-esteem and much, much more.

    • Remember players who are aware of the fact that at Golf Rules Etiquette...will get most enjoyment and gratification from the Great Spirit of the Golf Game!

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