Golf Junior Tip – Taking The Confusion Out Of Golf's Fundamentals

Golf Junior Tip! Participating in a strength training program doing the wrong exercises can hurt junior golfers not help them.
The exercises have to compliment the golf swing from a dynamic standpoint and a stability standpoint.

If your son or daughter is just starting out in golf, one of the best junior golf tips you can use is to remind him or her that when learning a new technique seems impossible one day, it will simply come naturally another day through practice and repetition.

They will have their ups, their downs, and learning new techniques while understanding their individual style will come slowly.

Your role as parents is to realize and understand that it will take your son or daughter few years just to get the basics down.

Stick To The Basics

Sticking to the basics is the best approach (a universal strategy that works in every aspect of our life). However, as your child works his or her way through golf's plateaus, peaks, and valleys, the most important thing he/she should remember is to stick to the fundamentals.

Your child should strive to improve each and every time his or her game. You should teach your child that patience and perseverance are just as important as making contact with the ball.

The ultimate reward for your child's positive attitude and consistency in playing on the course will improve his or her game, and it will development lifetime golf passion.

Become Friends With the Clubs

When your kid or teen begins learning the fundamentals of golf, another golden nugget of advice is to stick to the same pair of golf clubs for kids or teens, for at least 1 year.

Here is good golf junior tip you should take in consideration...when your junior golfer is experiencing the early stages of golf, the equipment he/she use should not be changed too often, so that he/she can experience as much stability as possible.

Trusting the same clubs during your junior golfer initial year of golf will also help minimize variables that can affect his or her game in a negative way.
For example, by sticking with the same junior golf driver during this time period, your young golfer will learn to identify what factors are making a positive contribution to his or her tee shots.

Changing clubs too often, especially during this learning period, will not enable your young golfer to know whether his or her technique has improved.

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