Golf Fitness Exsercises

Four Guiding Principles for Golf Fitness Exercises

Golf fitness exsercises help to keep vital golfing muscles in good shape, and this is important for preventing injury and being as on top of your golf game as you possibly can.

Golf Workout Programs

Remember that golf fitness exercises help to improve agility, endurance, flexibility, and overall strength and control, and junior golfers can use all of these golf fitness exsercises as well.

Here are a few golf fitness exercises that you and your junior golfers should use to improve your golf game and keep your bodies in prime shape for competition.

Keep in mind that all golf fitness exsercises should be done with the golf club in hand.

1- Core Muscles:

Stand with your golf club in front of you, one hand on each end of the club. With club in hand and arms apart, stretch the trunk in each direction until you feel the muscles stretch, but not so far or so hard that you feel pain. This exercise will helps to keep the muscles in your sides, back, and abdominal limber in good form.

2- Legs:

As with other golf fitness exsercises, leg warm ups are also done with the golf club in hand. Not only will it provide a good deal of balance in this instance, but it also allows for support in precarious leg exercises. With the golf club in hand, you should perform toe touches and squats.

3- Lateral Muscles:

While you still use your club for support on this exercise, it is done a bit differently. Hold your golf club above your head with your arms shoulder length apart. Bend the body from right to left until you feel enough of a stretch in each area for that to be satisfying. Don’t overdo it, as lateral muscle strain can really be a pain the next day.

4- Shoulders:

Shoulders are an important area for golf fitness, but exercises can be done with ease. One of the easiest ways of exercising this part is to put your golf club behind your shoulders with one hand and reach back with the other. This will cause the shoulders to stretch in the right places, and you can easily tell when the stretch is getting to be too much, so take care not to overdo it.

Always keep in mind that the body needs to go through rest, recovery and regeneration in order to develop properly. So, we should always allow some time for our body to relax between tow exercises.

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Take a look at this downloadable Training Resource at iTRAIN conditioning for Golf, a Golf workout programs which will help you gain greater distance, better accuracy, and lower scores. Special Note: Please, remember, before beginning any type of exercise program you should make sure you are in good health and that your physician approves your fitness exercise.

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