Goal Setting Activities for Kids

You are neither the first nor the last parent who wants to learn about goal setting activities for kids. You want to teach your kids how to set and achieve goals?...my advice to you is to read slowly and understand fully the following quotation written by one of the top strategic thinkers in the world about goal setting activities for kids:

Learning how to set and achieve a goal is perhaps the single most important thing your child can learn to prepare for school, adulthood, and for future employment. The more adept your child is at understanding this important life skill, the more options he or she will have throughout their life!- Gary Ryan Blair.

But how to start goal setting for kids?

Relax!...I have created the following 7 practical Steps to use when starting a goal setting activities with your kids:

1- Define a Goal
When starting the process of goal setting activities for kids, begin with a small goal that is doable and achievable...motivation will be most successful when you let your kid sets a realistic goal for himself or herself.

2- Take the pen & paper!
We have so busy lives that we do forget...my advice to you: write down your kid's goal on 2 papers. Place one copy on the Fridge and one in his/her room (in a high traffic wall or on a door...where your kid cannot miss it!).

Writing the goals and reading them every time your kid wake-up and before going to sleep, reinforce your kid's commitment to achieve them...so, write them down with your kid's written commitment to achieving his/her goals!. Remember, your kid must persist until he/she succeeds.

3- Decide about the Goal Deadline
You need to decide for each goal a target date for completion. This will keep your kid focused on achieving the defined goal before the due date. When you start implementing goal setting activities for kids, remember to keep the goal's date flexible to not stress your son/daughter.

Help your kids refocus and work hard on achieving the goal. Do not allow them to give up...they have a written commitment and they must honor it.

4- Goal needs Plan
Your kid, with your help, must create a blueprint of focused actions that he/she must take to achieve his/her goal. This is the most important process of goal setting activities for kids.

Your job will be to inspect regularly and closely to make sure your kid is on the right pathway for achieving his/her goals.

5- Team up with your kid
Create a "Personal Team of advisers" that your kid has respect for them. You can involve other family members like the oldest sister, brother, dad or mom in the process of goal setting activities for your kid.

Make sure that these peoples are willing to help your kid to achieve his/her goals by giving encouragements, support and positive reinforcements.

6- Persistence is key
Kids and teenagers are easily distracted and discouraged. You should help your son/daughter stay focus on their goal.

7- Celebrate Goal Accomplishment
We all love to receive Gifts! Offer a surprise price for your kid as a reward for achieving his or her goal, and for all the persistence and commitment he or she demonstrates during the process...your child deserves it!

Remember make the Goal Setting activities with your kids enjoyable and...Have fun setting family goals together! in other worlds...Goal setting for kids should be a fun activity to share with all family members.

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