Short Biography on Tiger Woods

According to biography on Tiger Woods, he was raised in a Buddhist culture. His heritage includes African American, Native American, and Asian roots.

Tiger Woods mother, native from Thailand, felt that by having Tiger Woods real name, starting with the first letter of his father name and ending with the first letter of his mother name...''he would always know that he was surrounded by his parents''.

Tiger Woods birth date is December 30th, 1975 and he was raised in Cypress, California. Earl Woods Earl Woods introduced his son tiger Woods into golf at just nine months old.

After reading some biography on Tiger Woods, I cam to the conclusion that...Tiger Woods was what we can call a golf prodigy!.

Tiger Woods as a kid became a member of the Southern California Junior Association at Four year old!...he actually competed against kids older then him.

According to biography on Tiger Woods, during 1984 and at just Eight years old, Tiger Woods won his first junior golf tournament at the Junior World Tournament in Sandiego California and he won the U.S Junior Amateur title at 14 years old.

Kid's determination can make him succeed

Jack Nicklaus is considered as the greatest golfer to ever live. According to biography on tiger woods...Tiger Woods as a kid, at just 10 years old, had a list of all golf records that Jack Nicklaus held, and tiger woods as a kid set a goal of being as great golfer as Nicklaus, by breaking more and more record each year.

According to biography on tiger woods, considered as the most paid athlete Tiger Woods worked very hard to gain the place that he is in now. By being so goal minded, Tiger Woods has reached a level of success rarely imagined or seen in the golf history.

Take a look at this Video and enjoy some great shots by Tiger Woods!

Let your Kid Dream like a Tiger!

Take with you what I consider as tiger woods famous quote:

''From early childhood I dreamed of being the world's best golfer. I worked hard and applied my family's values to everything I did. Integrity, honesty, discipline, responsibility and fun; I learned these values at home and in school, each one pushing me further toward my dream''. Tiger Woods quotes...from Tiger Woods Foundation Website.

I hope you enjoyed this short biography on Tiger Woods!

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