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The Junior Golf Guide is a resourceful parents' Guide that help introduce kids and teens to Golf, and offer the best advises and recommendations to sports parents about junior golf school, junior golf tournaments, golf fitness, healthy nutrition for young athlete, golf mental game, junior golf equipment and more.

But...How the Junior-Golf-Guide Website came to Life?

My name is Amel, and I'm a mother of 3 wonderful kids. I created the Junior-Golf-Guide website to share my passion for golf with you.

I have always been impressed and fascinated by Tiger Woods who won his first competition at just Eight years old during the Junior World Tournament in 1984.

During summer 2005, and with Tiger Woods example in mind, I started to think about getting my 3 years old daughter into golf, I spent so much time researching and reading articles and programs about golf for children that...I came to the following conclusion:

Why not compile my experience, all the researches and reviews, and share them with Parents and people interested in junior golf like me?...Yes, this is how this website came to life!

But, to be honest...I didn't do it alone I used a wonderful, simple and complete process called Site Build it!. I took a 10 weeks course at Dawson College here in Montreal, Canada. At the end of the 10 weeks I had my website blueprint on hand.

Would you rather watch than read?

Sit back, relax and watch this video on how Site Build It helped me build my website. Don't forget to watch Youtube videos created by SBI! owners like me...you'll enjoy them as much as I did!

Thanks for visiting the junior-golf-guide website!...and come back often because the junior golf guide website will be updated and enriched frequently. I will add progressively over the next few months more golf for kids & teens articles, junior golf reviews and more. Don't forget to Subscribe to the Junior Golf Newsletter too.

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