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The secret to parenting success
May 22, 2012


Are you tired of feeling guilty about the way you treat your children when you have to discipline them?

Here's an amazing advantage I just found out about Blaise T. Ryan’s "Democratic Parenting" program.

Because his techniques produce positive tangible changes in your child’s behavior, your parenting skills will continue to improve, your stress level will be significantly reduced and your well-being will increase.

Here's how Brenda from Texas puts it:

"I was so tired of treating my children the way I did. I could tell it wasn't good for them and I felt so guilty. I didn't know there were other options until I found this program. After using the democratic parenting methods I feel like a new person. The guilt and shame is gone, and I feel proud of what I'm doing for the first time in 7 years!! I can't begin to express how grateful I am." Brenda Flores, Parent of Amelia 8, Connor 6, Austin, TX.

So my question for you is, "Are you ready to learn a whole new way of connecting with your child?"

If so, you should consider getting Blaise T. Ryan’s "Democratic Parenting" program.

Just go here:

Every week, Ryan receives feedback from parents sharing the exceptional results they're getting from this system. Here are a few of the comments he’s recently received:

"Using these tools has saved my family and my marriage! My wife and I were having so much trouble with our youngest son that our marriage was on the rocks. His aggression and incessant whining was out of control. After a few months of implementing the principles Matthew has stopped both his hitting and whining completely. We all get a better night's sleep, and I'm happy to say my wife and I are still together." Pete Stilby, Father of Laurel 3, Matthew 4, Dylan 7 ; Vancouver, B.C.

Democratic parenting is a system that builds trust between you and your child. Creating mutual respect. It's a complete methodology. Using it, your child is inspired to have good judgment and clear thinking. Behavior improves as your child learns self-discipline through Natural Consequences (chapter 14).

Now, here's another success story:

"Life is so much easier since getting your program. All the info provided was so simple and easy and really does work. We weren’t having major behavioral problems but it was definitely enough to stress me out and now it is over and I am HAPPY! Thanks" Sarah; Gold Coast, Australia

Do you realize the full impact of lowering your stress level when you are with your children? If that's all Ryan's course did - it's value would be more than 100 fold!

Better yet, wouldn't you love your son or daughter to listen, pay attention and behave in any situation…without using threats, bribes or freak-outs?

This next feedback comes from a single Dad who started applying Ryan's techniques. Here's what he's accomplished in a very short time:

"I'm a single dad and life is so much easier now. I feel more confident that what I'm doing is right for my son. I used to be afraid to take my son out in public because of the scenes he would make. He hasn’t made a scene in two months thanks to this program. These tools are so valuable and effective; everyone should have access to them! " Tim Alonso, Father of Evan 4, Santa Fe, NM

Democratic Parenting have been described as a powerful "cooperation button". All you have to do is read it and apply its lessons, and you can press that button any time you need to.

You could be getting similar or even better results by following the core set of parenting skills taught in this book.

This guide will help to strengthen your parenting where it's too permissive and become more flexible where it's too authoritarian. Consider it yoga for your parenting.

Do yourself a favor. Take a few minutes right now to check out the web page with all the details on this powerful program. Watch the Video Lesson at the bottom of the page. Then order a copy and start applying the 14 methods described in this guide. You'll be amazed by how simple these methods will work together in synergy to bring balance, peace and harmony into your family relationship.

To get all the details - and peer-pressure-proof your children, improve their communication and give them the best opportunities for social success in life through specific ways of relating and listening to them – just click below:

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