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Junior Golf Newsletter, Issue #004 -- Kids Golf Summer Camps
April 28, 2007

Your Online Youth Golf Magazine

Saturday, April 2007, Issue #04


1- Editor's Notes
2- Special Welcome to New Subscribers
3- Kids Summer Camps
4- Best Deals for You!
5- Upcoming issue Announcements
6- What's new? Mother's Day Internet Scavenger Hunt!
7- Ask The Editor
8- Share this NewsLetter with Family & Friends
9- Contact, Unsubscribe, Copyright

1- Editor's Notes


Welcome to the April edition of the Junior Golf NewsLetter, your Youth Golf Magazine.

We work so hard all year that we forget to stop and to take some relaxing vacations. So, this is exactly what I did! I took a 2 weeks vacation with my husband and my 2 kids. My main focus was to make the most of my vacation: I relaxed, enjoyed each moment, and had fun with my kids!

So, my most important advice to you today...enjoy each moment you spend with your kids during your next vacations. Children grow so fast! Don't miss spending quality time with them, everyday.

Until next month...
Best wishes,

2- Special Welcome to New Subscribers

A warm welcome to our new subscribers!. As promised this newsletter will bring you value packed, useful and interesting information about everything related to junior golf.

You will also get valuable advice and recommendations about parent involvement in sports.

Just Relax and enjoy reading this junior golf E-zine!

3- Kids Golf Summer Camps

When you have kids you usually start looking for summer camps in spring, why? Generally camps start summer registration during the spring season.

You should know that there are three main categories of summer camps: residential camps, travel programs and day camps.

Residential Camps are mostly for children between 8 and 16 years old, Day Camps for 3-5 years old and up, while Travel Camps often are limited to youngster from 14 to 18 years old.

Here are some important points you should look for at summer camps:

American Camp Association Accreditation (ACAA):

When a camp is ACAA accredited this mean that the camp had its operation reviewed on over 300 standards from staff qualifications to emergency management. As part of the process, the ACA performs a once every three years site visit to the camp.

For kids' safety, the American Camp Association Accreditation standards require a staff screening system, which may include, where permitted by law, a criminal background checks.

Remember, the fact that a camp is lacking the ACA accreditation does not indicate a poor camp, usually it's because they never bother to apply and get through the process of accreditation. This is particularly true for specialty camps and day camps. For example, if you are looking for academic camps, the ACA only shows about 20 camps with accreditation throughout the country.

Campers Supervision:

In Residential kids golf summer camps, usually counsellors who live in the camp and in separate cabins are in charge of supervising the junior campers. Generally, teenager campers have the necessary supervisions while they are also allowed to have a space of their own like a shared large community room for meetings, relaxation and fun.

Medical Attention at Camp:

If needed, a Medical attention should always be available by qualified health staff and registered nurses twenty-four hours a day. You should also ask if the camp has a physician available on call and if there is a hospital near the camps if a child needs further medical attention.

Some Camps offer a Camper Illness and Accident Policy for each camper. This policy may cover doctor, dentist, or pharmacy bills, you should ask about the policy coverage details before registration. Some camps may provide this coverage at no additional, don't forget to ask!

Physical Exam:

Some camps required a physical exam signed by a physician to let your kids attend camp, however some other camps are no longer requiring this certificate from kids. The best way to know? and ask the camp!

Special Requirements:

If you child have special requirements that require special attention like some dietary needs (kosher, vegetarian, etc.), medical needs (allergies, asthma, etc.), or behavioral needs (extreme shyness, ADHD etc.) that will not exclude him or her from a regular camp activities, you should talk about it and ask the kids golf summer camps if they are able at accommodating these specific needs or not.

Which kids golf summer camps is the Best? The one that feet your kids and family needs!

Keep in mind that you should always involved your kids from the beginning of the process. So, how to choose which type of kids golf summer camps is best for your family? The first step is to ask your son or daughter if they feel ready to sleep in a camp and what type of activities they are looking for beside golf like tennis, arts, riding etc.

Remember, kids always want a have Fun! So, help them gets the best fun possible by choosing the right kids golf summer camps with them.

4- Best Deals for You

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Donít miss such great savings, by getting your Golf Card today you will receive a free 1-year subscription to Golf Magazine!

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5- Upcoming issue Announcements

Donít miss the next issue of the Junior Golf NewsLetter. We'll talk about how you can help your kid be more Confident when playing his favorite sport like Golf.

6- What's new?

The Junior Golf Guide Website is part of an Internet Scavenger Hunt for Mother's Day! Did you complete the Mother's Day Internet Scavenger Hunt?...if not, Do it Now! it's FREE!

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    *don't forget to read the official Contest Rules.

    7- Ask The Editor

    Do you have a question about junior golf that needs quick attention?

    Do you need information about parent involvement in sports?

    Ask your question and have a respond to your question right here on the Junior Golf NewsLetter.

    How? Ask your question by using the form in the contact page

    You'll have your answer (POSTED HERE) in the next Junior Golf NewsLetter Edition.

    8- Share the Junior Golf NewsLetter

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    9- Contact, Unsubscribe, Copyright

    I really hope that you have enjoyed reading the March edition.

    Thanks for Reading and Sharing the Junior Golf NewsLetter!

    Amel Mehenaoui
    Even Kids & Teens play Golf!
    138 Dauphin, D.D.O, Montreal, QC, H9G1W3

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