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Junior Golf NewsLetter -- How to Practice When You Canít Go Outside, Issue #011
December 02, 2007

Your Online Youth Golf Magazine

Monday, October 2007, Issue #10


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3- Today Article: How to Practice Golf When You Canít Go Outside
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1- Editor's Notes


Welcome to the monthly edition of the Junior Golf NewsLetter, your Online Youth Golf Magazine.

It's officially winter, here in Montreal, with a lot and lot of snow! So, our today article is about how to practice during winter season or when for any reason, you can't go to the golf course or the driving range.

Please share your comments with the junior golf community an just by replying to this newsletter. I'm planning next year articles and I would love to hear from you. Which topic or information you would like us to cover? just reply to this email.

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

And, enjoy your reading!

Until next time...
Best wishes,

2- Special Welcome to New Subscribers

A warm welcome to our new subscribers!. As promised this newsletter will bring you value packed, useful and interesting information about everything related to junior golf.

You will also get valuable advice and recommendations about parent involvement in sports.

Just enjoy reading this junior golf E-zine!

3- Fresh Home Golf Lesson Ideas to Help You and your kid Practice Golf When You Canít Go Outside

Just because you are stuck at home for some reason and cannot make it to the golf course or the driving range that doesnít mean that you have to leave your kidís golf game and yours behind.

Iím in Canada and we are known for long winter season (with a lot of snow!) so, I spend many afternoons and evenings practicing my swing right on my basement using my USB golf simulator ...for me itís an easy home golf lesson to stay on top of my game and practice during winter.

My son - he is two year old - loves to watch the golf simulator ball, which is mounted on a flexible tether, spins when it is struck...he smiles at every swing I make!

So, Go here to check out the price of a used USB Golf Simulator

You should keep in mind that home golf lessons, which include putting, should be done on the right type of carpet, one that is short and firm enough to allow the golf ball to travel at the appropriate speed. A sturdy, industrial-type office carpet works just fine, as do Astroturf-type rugs.

You can further specialize in the quality of your home golf lessons by purchasing an electric putting cup (priced around 16,99$). This nifty little device will actually shoot your ball right back to your kid once he or she have putt it into the slot.

Go here to check out the price of the electric putting cup

Donít worry; home golf lessons do not have to be made up of expensive golf instructional videos and DVDs. Of course it is highly recommended that you invest into these types of home golf lessons for you and your kid, but why not let your kid learn from the professionals in the comfort of your own home, and without spending a dime?

Watching golf on television is a great way to start your own home golf lessons

Pay attention to the players. Do they approach every shot the same way each time? Notice their pre-shot routines. Take a look at each player's grip and stance. Do they squeeze the club? How do they set up for different shots?

Home golf lessons such as this can be invaluable so long as you pay attention, take notes, and then practice with your kid as often as possible at home, on the course and at the driving range.

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4- Upcoming issue Announcements

Donít miss the next issue of the Junior Golf NewsLetter. I will be reviewing more children golf club sets!.

5- What's new?

Are you looking for more Junior Golf Clubs Reviews? I have added and updated our reviews about golf clubs for kids on the Junior-Golf-Guide Website.

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