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Junior Golf Newsletter, Issue #005 -- Four Guiding Principles of Golf Fitness
June 29, 2007

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Friday, June 2007, Issue #05


1- Editor's Notes
2- Special Welcome to New Subscribers
3- Golf Fitness Exercises
4- Best Deals for You!
5- Upcoming issue Announcements
6- What's new?
7- Ask The Editor
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1- Editor's Notes


Welcome to the monthly edition of the Junior Golf NewsLetter, your Youth Golf Magazine.

Recently, I had a big trouble with my computer and I had to take it to the technician, who spent 2 days to repair it. Results? I got very frustrated and angry about the new century, and I came to realize that we are, today more dependent on electronic devices then ever.

Now, my computer is fine and I’m happy that my life went back to normal!

So, my most important advice to you today...take one full day without using a laptop, PDA, computer or any other electronic gadgets you may usually use. Just forget about them and take some time off. Relax, don't'll be fine!

Until next month...
Best wishes,

2- Special Welcome to New Subscribers

A warm welcome to our new subscribers!. As promised this newsletter will bring you value packed, useful and interesting information about everything related to junior golf.

You will also get valuable advice and recommendations about parent involvement in sports.

Just enjoy reading this junior golf E-zine!

3- Golf Fitness Exercises:

Just as basketball, football, and swimming require conditioning and warm-up exercises, there are golf fitness exercises that you and your junior golfers should use as well.

So, before you start golfing take a little time to stretch and warm your body, and this should only take 10 or 15 minutes of your time.

According to Susan Hill, a certified Golf Biomechanic and Sports Performance Nutritionist: ‘’Any time you can enhance your flexibility; you have the potential to lengthen your golf swing and create greater club head speed.

A golfer’s focus should always be on restoring normal range of motion before progressing onto more advanced strength programs.’’

Keep in mind that all golf fitness exercises should be done with the golf club in hand.

1- Core Muscles: Stand with your golf club in front of you, one hand on each end of the club. With club in hand and arms apart, stretch the trunk in each direction until you feel the muscles stretch, but not so far or so hard that you feel pain.

2- Legs: As with other golf fitness exercises, leg warm ups are also done with the golf club in hand. With the golf club in hand, you should perform toe touches and squats.

3- Lateral Muscles: Hold your golf club above your head with your arms shoulder length apart. Bend the body from right to left until you feel enough of a stretch in each area for that to be satisfying.

4- Shoulders: Shoulders are an important area for golf fitness, but exercises can be done with ease. Just put your golf club behind your shoulders with one hand and reach back with the other.

Remember to have at least 1-2 liters of water while you’re on the course and drink often to prevent dehydration.

Click on Golf Fitness Exercises and read the complete article.

Special Note: Please, remember, before beginning any type of exercise program you should make sure you are in good health and that your physician approves your fitness exercise.

4- Best Deals for You

Find quickly and easily the perfect online golf training plan, based around your goals and needs.

Each training plan has been carefully developed by a fully qualified fitness professional.

You will get a STEP-BY-STEP golf training plans and workouts that will help you get your drive straight down the fairway and have accurate stronger shots. No theory...just precise workouts you can start implement immediately.

Get your Workout Pass Now!

5- Upcoming issue Announcements

Don’t miss the next issue of the Junior Golf NewsLetter. I will be adding Golf Videos about etiquette, rules and more.

6- What's new?

Are you thinking about redecorating your kids room with a golf theme? You are lucky!...I have added an interesting and helpful article about kids golf decor on the juior Golf Guide Website.

Don't miss it! Click now on kids golf decor to read the complete article.

7- Ask The Editor

Do you have a question about junior golf that needs quick attention?

Do you need information about parent involvement in sports?

Ask your question and have a respond to your question right here on the Junior Golf NewsLetter.

How? Ask your question by using the form in the contact page

You'll have your answer (POSTED HERE) in the next Junior Golf NewsLetter Edition.

8- Share the Junior Golf NewsLetter

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your family, friends and doing that you will be contributing to the growth of the Junior Golf Game.

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9- Contact, Unsubscribe, Copyright

I really hope that you have enjoyed reading the March edition.

Thanks for Reading and Sharing the Junior Golf NewsLetter!

Amel Mehenaoui
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